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Ear Candy 2.0 incorporates many of the indie pop and indie rock genres that you might have heard on KOOP's original Ear Candy program, but expands the programming to delicious sounding songs from around the world. Ear Candy 2.0 seeks to intensify the rush of blood between the heart and brain, allowing the pathos of the soul to get lost in the aural candy...circling this mortal coil with an emotional blast-off before the listener shuffles off to another dimension. Genres explored include bubblegum, noise pop, french yé-yé, Taiwanese pop, '60s soul, Swedish and Scandinavian underground '60s rock, African township music of the people, Bollywood dance numbers from the '60s and '70s, Texas blues...and anything else that's got a good beat and you can bug-out to...

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