FAQ: For DJs and Programmers

How do I qualify for a show on KOOP?

KOOP is always looking for new voices from the community and new dedicated volunteers to help our station go. At our station we combine these, so that every programmer (our name for DJs and hosts) is expected – even required – to do a certain amount of volunteer work. So, one good way to get started on the path to getting a show on KOOP is to volunteer here. There are lots of different things you can do to help the station run, and it’s a great way to get a sense of how things work here. See How do I volunteer at KOOP? for more information.

The other requirement for any programmer is that they must complete our training and apprenticeship program. Each session kicks off with an Orientation, which individuals wishing to enter the training program must attend. Orientations are held once a month on the fourth Tuesday of each month

Following the Orientation each prospective programmer must attend several training sessions related to FCC regulations and the technical aspects of engineering a show at KOOP. There are generally multiple instances of each session to try to accommodate as many trainees as possible.

In addition, each trainee is assigned a mentor, the programmer of a show currently on the air. The trainee must sit in with their mentor for at least 10 shows during the 6-month period. Also, during this time they must maintain their good standing as a KOOP volunteer, which means performing at least one volunteer hour per month.

For more information about our training program you may contact the Training Team Area Coordinator.

After your apprenticeship and training is complete, you may apply for a show on KOOP. Once a year the Programming Committee reviews new applications and revises the KOOP schedule; the Programming Committee also accepts applications throughout the year as potential mid-season replacements. 

How do I apply for a show on KOOP?

Once a year, the KOOP Programming Committee accepts program applications for the following season. All shows, new and existing, must fill out a program application to be considered for the next season. The PC accepts these applications for the new season between February 1 and March 15.

Additionally, Applications are accepted throughout the year for consideration as mid-season replacements.

Watch the KOOP email list for announcements of application availablility, or contact the PC at programming@koop.org to request an application. 

NOTE: To be eligible for consideration on the KOOP schedule, a show’s Programmer of Record must have completed the KOOP training program and must be a volunteer in good standing. In addition, if they are a current programmer with additional volunteer hour requirements, those requirements must have been fulfilled for the three-month period prior to the beginning of the application period. 

In other words, programmers applying for the new season must be all caught up on volunteer hours before February 1 for November, December and January.

How can I get announcements about my show on the KOOP website front page?

In order for announcements about upcoming episodes of your show to be listed in the This Week on KOOP section of our website’s front page, please submit through the website  by the Sunday before your show airs. If you have news you would like to have listed separately in the KOOP Latest News category, contact our General Manager Federico Pacheco at federico.pacheco at koop.org to have your request approved.

Does KOOP have equipment I can use to record interviews or other audio away from the station?

Yes, KOOP owns a field recorder (a Marantz PMD660) which programmers with shows can borrow. The field recorder has built-in mics, or you can plug in one or two XLR microphones (the recorder will supply phantom power if required.) The recorder records to compact flash, which you can read with a compact flash card reader or simply connect the recorder to your computer’s USB port to access the recording files. Contact the office at 472-1369 to inquire about the field recorder’s availability or to reserve its use.

Am I required to enter my playlists online? How do I do it?

Yes. All KOOP programmers who play commercially released music are required by our licensing agreements to log each artist and track played, even if that track is only used for a few seconds as a music bed in the background. Programmers who do not comply face suspension.

Playlists may be entered online at http://koop.radioactivity.fm/ or /radioactivity. If you do not have a login for the Radioactivity system, you may sign up for one at http://koop.radioactivity.fm/signup.php. After you sign up, the Executive Director will be able to activate your login. You will receive an email stating that you have been activated. After you have been activated, you may begin reporting your playlists.

On the menu bar on the left side, click Log your show to enter your playlist live as it occurs. Click Pre/Post logging to log past or future shows.

Where can I see the playlists that have been posted to Radioactivity?

http://koop.radioactivity.fm or /radioactivity. Click on a date on the calendar to see all logged playlists for that date. Click on a show or programmer to see all playlists logged by them.