Get Involved

Volunteering and/or Training to Become a DJ

Join the KOOP team!

KOOP works because people like you get involved and volunteer. Community radio takes a community of volunteers and everyone who wants to may complete our broadcast training programs to become involved in producing our programs as DJs, engineers and producers. 

Step 1 – Become a Volunteer

Before you can volunteer at KOOP, you will need to attend a volunteer orientation.  We typically hold orientations once a month on the fourth Tuesday at 6:30pm at the studio.  Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator ( if you are interested or for more information.

The next Volunteer Orientation dates will be:


Also, you will need to fill out and submit the embedded KOOP Volunteer Application Form below:


Step 2 – Volunteering Opportunities and Station Events

Keep up with volunteering opportunities and station events by subscribing to the KOOP List Google Group and attending monthly station-wide meetings (generally, 7 PM, first Mondays of the month, location TBD).

Another great idea is join a team or attend a team’s meeting.  

Step 3 – Record Your Volunteer Hours

You need to volunteer 1.5 hours each month to become a volunteer member and thus be eligible for programmer training (and gain member voting rights).

Make sure your hours are recorded in the volunteer hours tracking system (provided by Journyx). You are responsible for logging your own hours. Every KOOP volunteer has an account on the volunteer hours system (separate account) - to record their volunteer hours. If you need a new account or have troubles contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

See more info at the volunteer hours timesheet instructions page.

Step 4 – Attend FCC Training Sessions

Once you are an active volunteer, and have hours recorded in JournyX you can begin programmer training.

KOOP Policy and FCC regulation training classes happen periodically as scheduled by the Training Team.

You will also choose a current KOOP program to apprentice on.

Step 5 – Apprentice with a Current KOOP Programmer

You will be assigned a show and need to complete ten (10) observations.

We will try to find a good match for you, but if it isn’t working out, we’ll do our best to reassign you.

Step 6 – Studio Training & Testing

You will receive an email from the training team asking you to sign up for a training session. Training and testing takes two training sessions and are usually held during the week 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

You will be given electronic copies of the KOOP Policies and Procedures manuals to familiarize yourself with prior to your exam.

The test will cover FCC requirments, KOOP policy, and broadcast studio use.

Step 7 – Getting Certified

You will receive a programmer certificate at the monthly station meeting – after you have completed your apprenticeship, take the FCC and studio training classes and passed the training test.

Step 8 – Apply for a Show

Create a demo and complete a KOOP Program application. For more information, contact the Programming Committee at


Q. I haven’t heard back from area coordinators and I would like to find a volunteer opportunity.

A. Volunteer coordinators are not responsible for assigning tasks, the best way to find out about what needs doing is to attend a meeting in your area of interest (promotions, tech, etc.) Look for meeting announcements on the KOOPList. You’ll get volunteer credit for attending the meeting and be able to sign up for tasks.

Other suggestions:

  • Check the KOOPList for tasks
  • Ask your mentor programmer
  • Join a team’s email list

Q. How can I get hands-on time in the studio before applying for a show?

Sign up for a pilot show
• Ask you mentor programmer for opportunities
• Ask some other programmers is you can observe their show
• Once you are certified as a programmer you may sub for a show

Q. Help! the KOOPlist has taken over my inbox

A. The message delivery setting can be changed at any time by contacting the volunteer coordinator.  

Q. How do I study for the test?

A. You will be given electronic copies of the KOOP Handbooks and you should observe your mentor programmer and ask questions during your apprenticeship.

Q. What do I do report my volunteer hours?

A. See the volunteer hours timesheet instructions.